Monday, September 19, 2016

Mysterious Seal

Dear Reader
If you happen to know anything about this seal please send me a comment

Here's an attempt by to understand this seal:
Hebrew tetragrammaton ("four letters") יהוה (Yod Heh Vav Heh), which was transliterated into Roman script as Y H W H.
The actual name of God is Yehoshuah and He appeared in the flesh as Yeshuah / Jesus. It appears at the top of the image as you know.
You have ten stars which could represent the ten lost tribes of Israel. You have a lion which is the tribe of Judah also had the keys to the temple and the lion is above the number X as in ten tribes.
 The bird has the scales of justice and could represent judgement. Not sure about the number VII. Was there seven years of plagues?
The sun image could be the spirit of God that was in the temple behind the veil where only the high priest could enter once a year. The internal image could represent the ark of the covenant.
I could go on by everything is really a guess on my part.

Another attempt by ANDREW NOBLE:
This looks like a seal for a Kabbalistic occult society, possibly from the 17th through to 19th Centuries. Explore the works of Raymond Lully, Cornelis Aggripa and Eliphas Levi as the works of these authors will shed more light on the attributions of the seal.

The design is based on the tenfold sephra of the tree of life. The lion holds the key to the tenfold structure and this is highlighted by the Roman numeral, X. Only the most persistent initiate can access the multifold knowledge encoded in the tree. Ten stars hang above the three pillars.

The lion with key on the door of the Bank of England

Seven stairs ascend to the 'heart center'. The dove holds the scales next to the Roman numeral VII. The initiate would need to be fully grounded and aware of their own nature to complete the ascent. Thoth holding the scales would be the equivalent Egyptian attribution. Seven has a long association with magic and time -

The Star of David in this attribution represents the human personality of man and three represents his spiritual nature. 

The twelve squares represent the threefold dimensions of the four elements and the twelve houses of the zodiac. In numerology, 1+2=3. 

The chain is called the abyss and seperates the archetypal world - one, the dynamic aspect of one being two and the creative world - three being the joining of the father and the mother in generative union. This is the abstract idea of the 'god force', This is the 'burning bush' encountered by Moses on the summit, 3 on top of seven. Four to nine represents the formative world where the intellectual image is built and finally, number ten is the material world.

Above the centre pillar the name of God is embellished, YHVH in Hebrew.

This knowledge is the 'true ark' carried out of Egypt by the Hebrews.

For a full appreciation of this knowledge, search for and down The Book of Thoth by Alister Crowley.

I just got this email in Hebrew and translated it for you:

Shalom Zeev

Thank you very much, the second response is coming a little closer but for the time being
I received the opinion of an expert historian familiar with such questions
Professor Falk Wiesenthal of the University of Düsseldorf identified the seal
As the seal of the Masonic Order from the first half of
the 19th century. All symbols are of Freemasonry. Temple of Solomon
With the pillars of Yachin and Boaz symbolizes the plan of the divine order of the world. So does
The High Priest's Afod Shield
Attached are photographs of similar Masonic symbols
For comparison
With regards to peace
Reuven Frankenstein
University of Freiburg