Monday, March 12, 2007

Fools of Prophecy

A Magen David surrounded by pomegranates on the announcement about the show of the Israeli rock band called Fools Of The Prophecy. I guess the Magen  David is meant to emphasize the word Prophecy since the band is dealing with Judaism and humor.

Mosque in Purana Quila, Delhi

Picture of Solomon’s seal on the walls of a mosque is courtesy of "highlandmc" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption: 
I saw the star of david in most of the mosques in India. In midage it was a commonly used sign.
Purana Qila means Old Fort and it was built by the Moghul emperor Humayun in the 16tt century in Delhi, India.


Dachau Jewish star Picture is courtesy of "_Babsi_" who published it on Flickr. 
This Jewish Star on a Dachau bowl is exhibited in the new Dachau museum exhibit in the former concentration camp administration building which was opened to the public during the annual Dachau Memorial Service, held on May 4, 2003. This is one of the most impressive Stars of David I ever saw...