Wednesday, October 31, 2018

1 million page views

After 13 years this blog crossed 1 million page views.
I started it to promote star of David lampshades designed by my son
but soon I realized that I have an unprecedented  opportunity
to collect quantities of qualitative pictures of stars of David
From all over the globe.
I felt like a Cabalistic collector of pieces of broken vessels.
Then came the exhibitions all around the world about star of David in Israeli Art
and dozens of clips I uploaded to YouTube
Then came the books:
The first was a summary of this blog [in Hebrew]
The second a pictorial history of the star of David symbol [in English]
The third about the Yellow Star in art [in Hebrew]
The fourth - an online booklet about the star of David in Israeli Art  [in Hebrew & English]
The fifth is a collection of articles binded by the librarians of the Israeli
National Library  [in Hebrew]
And all along this long long  journey I was helped by hundreds of
contributors of materials for this blog. 
It is their achievement not less than mine.