Saturday, October 07, 2006

Raelian Hexagram

There was a chapter about Rael in the Wikipedia entry on Star of David but I asked the editor to transfer it to the hexagram entry and he did. Since I want to show what the Star of David IS NOT I decided to include it here in my collection, but remember that this shape here doesn't have the proper name and doesn't have any Jewish meaning.
Picture is courtesy of Kiel Bryant who published it on Flickr and wrote there:

Raelian logo, pre- and post-1991. 
Kiel Bryant wrote to me:
Creepy, isn't it? A bit ironic that my icon should be an Egyptian emblem . . .Anyhow: you do appear enchanted by the Star of David, and rightly so, it is a mesmerizing shape. My suggestion, as appreciator of art to kindred spirit, is that you look up "entrelac" and specifically -- though its title may repel you -- "Islamic entrelac." You should, doing this, discover varieties of David's star of such beauty and complexity and ultimately grace as to overwhelm.


Sometimes we see Hebrew letters in the middle of the Star of David which are acronyms of the Hebrew words "here is buried" (Po Nitman). As I already mentioned in earlier postings the middle of the Star of David is frequently a frame for "important Jewish things" and this is surely one of them...

Too Long Stripes

The long blue stripes make the Star of David seem smaller than it should be. I guess it is illegal to hang such long flags since it is a violation of the specifications of the "Flag Law". 
Picture is courtesy of "meneer Tan" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
The picture was taken on tuesday january 10th 2006 at the '"Independence Hall" in Tel Aviv, Israel. "Independence Hall" is were the state Israel was proclaimed in 1948.The photo actually is a panoramic picture composed of roughly 8 individual photos.