Saturday, October 07, 2006

Raelian Hexagram

There was a chapter about Rael in the Wikipedia entry on Star of David but I asked the editor to transfer it to the hexagram entry and he did. Since I want to show what the Star of David IS NOT I decided to include it here in my collection, but remember that this shape here doesn't have the proper name and doesn't have any Jewish meaning.
Picture is courtesy of Kiel Bryant who published it on Flickr and wrote there:

Raelian logo, pre- and post-1991. 
Kiel Bryant wrote to me:
Creepy, isn't it? A bit ironic that my icon should be an Egyptian emblem . . .Anyhow: you do appear enchanted by the Star of David, and rightly so, it is a mesmerizing shape. My suggestion, as appreciator of art to kindred spirit, is that you look up "entrelac" and specifically -- though its title may repel you -- "Islamic entrelac." You should, doing this, discover varieties of David's star of such beauty and complexity and ultimately grace as to overwhelm.


Kiel Bryant said...

Islamic geometry yielded more results. Don't give up. Try also Moresque, Hispano-Moresque, Arabic, Arabic Mosaic, Islamic Mosaic, Moorish, Mudejar, etc.

zeevveez said...

February 15, 2007
DAVID LAZARUS reported to the Canadian Jewish news:
"The Raelian movement’s recent decision to revive an emblem of a swastika intertwined with the Star of David as its official symbol is a desperate effort to generate publicity, said the head of an organization that monitors cult-like and marginal groups...
The group claims a following of 65,000, but the number of “core” members in Quebec is probably closer to “a few hundred,” Kropveld said...On Jan. 19, the sect announced its decision to begin using its original swastika symbol again, because it said that not using it kept the public from knowing what the ancient symbol really meant: peace, “infinity in time,” and eternity...Even some ancient synagogues bear the swastika, the Raelians maintain... Raelians of the world are now joining forces with Hindus and Buddhists to educate the rest of the population about the true history of the swastika, and to make sure that their symbol is forever respected,” their website stated...

Anonymous said...

The swastika is an ancient Buddhist symbol meaning 'good fortune'. Look on ancient Buddhist maps and you will find that they actually marked temples on the map with this symbol. Unfortunately due to one psychopath's misuse of the symbol during WW2, many Buddhist and Hindu are persecuted in Europe.
Perhaps that is beside the point; it is not a Nazi symbol, just as the cross is not a KKK symbol because they use it.

Anonymous said...

Check out ProSwastika for more info.