Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sabina Saad Self Portrait Miniature

Star of David Israeli art Photo is courtesy of Sabina Saad who feels so identified with our national emblem that she made one from her signature creating the equation I = signature = Star of David.
It belongs to this sort of things that are so obvious that you ask yourself why no body thought about it before Sabina …
Copyrights: Sabina Saad 2007
Ramot Meir
Phone: 97289410231

Bob Weinberg

boolplate Jewish star Photo of Star of David on a boolplate made by Ismael Smith is courtesy of Bob Weinberg ( )who wrote to me:
I have been collecting bookplates for about 10 years – Ephraim Moses Lilien & Arthur Szyk are my favorite Jewish artists. Besides the bookplates of Lilien I also collect his postcards. I started out collecting American bookplates about 30 years ago – I still search for them- I collect famous Americans,primarily of the 20th century. I also have Jewish bookplates of Budko, a friend of Lilien & Ariel Birenbaum.
Issac Smith Bookplate illustration by Jenor Ismael Smith. Issac is brother of artist Ismael. Spanish - born 1886 - Catholic forebears, it is believed, came from England. Died in a mental institution in US. Came to the US in 1918. Did many Jewish bookplates for his Jewish friends & clients.

Theresienstadt Ghetto

Ghetto banknote jewish star Photo is courtesy of David Diamant and if you have more information about this banknote please email him:
Star of David on Theresienstadt Ghetto souvenir sheets prepared to convince Red Cross inspectors that Jews in the ghetto were treated good .
We see Moses holding the Ten Commandments with the 6th Commandment ("Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder") hidden by his hand...