Monday, March 31, 2008

Eva Fleischner’s Suggestion

From: Auschwitz, Beginning of a New Era: Reflections on the Holocaust, Published 1977, ISBN 087068499X

I would like some gifted Christian artist to paint a crucifixion scene portraying
Jesus as an Auschwitz Jew, including the yellow badge Jude on his body

Arthur Szyk: Medallions of Honor

From: Historicana dot com
Szyk, Arthur. Huddled Jews
This image of the huddled Jews was produced for the exhibition "Arthur Szyk Illuminator" presented by the Wilshire Blvd. Temple in Los Angeles. The composite elements in the poster represent the fear and sorrow of displaced Jews wearing the yellow badge of shame overlaid with Szyk's badges and medallions of honor

Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial Yellow BadgePhoto is courtesy of hjsyourcpa who wrote to me:
The Memorial, constructed on government owned land, was not permitted to have overt religious symbols. The designers included into the structure several items of Judaica. For example the spacing of the stones reveals the shape of a menorah. The entranceway to the focal point of the memorial is an ante way capped by a dome - similar to those found in Jerusalem. At the top of the dome is a yellow stained glass in the shape of a Magen David with the word Jude written across it. The Mid day Miami sun shining through this window is the effect, which you see in my picture. The hallway is approximately 50 meters in length and is lined with the names of the death camps.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Star of Jaffa

Star of David photo at JaffaHayim Shyater took this Star of David photo at Jaffa on March 2008. It is not clear what the creator of this mural meant.
Copyright: Hayim Shyater 2008

People, Jewish people and non-Jewish people

From: groundviews dot org
A political commentator who witnessed this new phenomenon on its first day of implementation has noted thus; “Yesterday I saw people on the streets. Today I see Jewish people and non-Jewish people.” This new arrangement caused so much of pain to Jews that most of them curtailing their outings consigned themselves to be indoors, a virtual voluntary house arrest. If it were necessary go out they carried something like a book so that they could hide the badge being shown, by way of holding the book over the badge. If caught not wearing the badge due to sheer reluctance in some cases or mere forgetting with many elders, one earned the wrath of the authorities resulting in being thrown into prison with no clemency. Therefore, the trauma instilled in the mind of the affected was such that people resorted to a habit of getting a hand written notice displayed on the interior side of their house doors as a precaution against probable absentmindedness. “Is the badge OK?” “Don’t forget the badge” “Where is your badge?’ are the common reminders.

The Deputy

From Wikipedia entry: The Deputy

The Deputy, a Christian tragedy (German: Der Stellvertreter. Ein christliches Trauerspiel), also known as The Representative, is a controversial 1963 drama by Rolf Hochhuth which indicts Pope Pius XII for his failure to take action or speak out against The Holocaust. It has been translated into more than twenty languages.

[In Act III, Father Riccardo Fontana, the priest protagonist] “first voices his idea to follow the example of Bernhard Lichtenberg and to follow the Jews to the death camps in the East, and possibly to share in their fate”. [In Act V] “he dons the yellow star and joins deportees to die at Auschwitz, where the rest of the act takes place”.

Bernhard Lichtenberg was a German Catholic priest who protested against the Nazis attitude towards Jews, and was considered by them as incorrigible - that’s why they sent him to the Dachau concentration camp.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

German Postage Stamp

German  Christmas six-pointed star Postage Stamp

Christmas six-pointed star appears on a Germany-Berlin postage stamp issued in 1983. Courtesy of Ronik from Israeli Collect Forum

Stella Octangula Music Band

There's a band called Stella Octangula which uses on it's website many interesting three-dimensional Star of David images. They started playing in late 2006 and named  their band after Kepler's famous Stella Octangula, eight pointed 3D star.

Impossible Star of David-2

Impossible Hexagram

Photo is courtesy of Dan Feldman who wrote to me that the impossible triangle and the impossible Star of David interested his son Ariel of Blessed Memory.

He built a 3 dimensional model which could be seen from a certain angle as an impossible Star of David, made from two impossible triangles cut in the middle of the flanks. In addition, you can see the Star of David shape in the center of the structure.

Copyright: Dan Feldman © 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Star Of David Made From Six Impossible Triangles

Star Of David Made From Six Impossible Triangles

Photo shows a sketch of an impossible Star of David. It is courtesy of Dan Feldman who wrote to me that the impossible triangle and the impossible Star of David interested his son Ariel of Blessed Memory.

After his passing we found, among other things that he scribbled in his notebook, this Star of David made from six impossible triangles

Copyright: Dan Feldman © 2008.

Plastic Cube

Plastic Cube Star of David

Photo of Plastic Cube with Star of David is courtesy of Dan Feldman who wrote to me that it was a present they gave to their son Ariel of Blessed Memory for his 21st birthday, which occurred a week before his passing. In the cube there are triangles and pyramids, which create big and small Stars of David. The quality of the photo is low, but enough to illustrate the object.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Austrian Postage Stamp With a Typo

Star of David Austrian Postage Stamp

The Star of David that Herzl suggested as an emblem for the Zionist Movement appears on an Austrian postage stamp issued in 1985 to mark Herzl's 125 years birthday. The Hebrew caption is written wrongly, and this is the first time I see a typo on a postage stamp. Courtesy of Ronik from Israeli Collect Forum.

Kibbutz Regavim

three dimensional Star of David at Kibbutz Regavim

Copyright: Hayim Shtayer (© 2008) who shot this three dimensional Star of David at Kibbutz Regavim.

Impossible Magen David

Impossible Hexagram

Photo of Impossible Hexagram is courtesy of Dan Feldman who wrote to me that his friend Philippe Dubois managed to build it from three sorts of wood. It is comprised of two interlacing impossible Penrose Triangles.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Militaristic Style Poster

Militaristic Style Poster Star of David

From Hayim Shtayer collection. Militaristic style poster that appeared, so it seems, before the 1973 War. We see many IDF emblems along with portraits of Herzl (on the yellow background of a large Star of David), Golda Meir, Zalman Shazar, Moshe Dayan and Hayim Bar Lev. This Militaristic Trend died in the 1973 War, but I see even today similar posters here and there used for decorating the Sukkah.

Oscar Reutersvard

Postage Stamp, Hexagram impossible triangleDan Feldman sent to me a photo of a postage stamp with six-pointed star in the center of an impossible triangle created by Oscar Reutersvard (born in 1915 in Stockholm). 
BTW the arrangement of the cubes remins the tetraktys: 1+2+3+4=10

Jewish Woman Jewish Man

David’s SHIELD israeli art Jewish Woman Jewish Man

Copyright: Sabina Saad 2008.

The international symbol of man is a circle with an arrow; it is the ancient Roman symbol of Mars, lord of war (his shield and spear). It is also the symbol of iron. The international symbol of women is a circle with a cross; it is the ancient Roman symbol of Venus (Goddess of Love), of the brightest planet after the moon, and of copper.

I supposed that it is not a coincidence that Sabina used the SHIELD of Mars as a basis for David’s SHIELD. For Jews the six-pointed star was, and still is, a symbol for their being protected by God; for Romans it probably had the same meaning, but the SHIELD was protecting their God.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beaten to Death

From: Wiesenthal dot com:
February 3, 2005 - Budapest - The Simon Wiesenthal Center's chief Nazi-hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff met here today with officials of the Hungarian Justice Ministry and submitted a list of potential witnesses in the case of Charles Zentai, currently residing in Australia, who was discovered recently in the framework of the "Operation: Last Chance" project jointly conducted with the Targum Shlishi Foundation of Miami Florida. Zentai is accused of the murder of at least one Jewish teenager, eighteen year old Peter Balazs, whom he caught without the yellow star and beat to death in his army barracks in Budapest in November 1944.

Hannah's Suitcase

Yellow badge cover  Holocaust diary

Yellow badge apears on the cover of the Holocaust diary 'La Valise d'Hana' (Hannah's Suitcase) by Karen Levine.

David Irving

From: AP Online January 11, 2000
David Irving is suing Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books for libel over the 1994 book
''Denying the Holocaust…

Irving, 62, has outraged Jews by saying the Holocaust has been exaggerated and by challenging the number and manner of Jewish concentration camp deaths under Adolf Hitler's regime. He also claims Hitler knew nothing about the extermination of Europe's Jews until 1943. 'The word 'denier' is particularly evil, because no person in full command of his mental faculties, and with even the slightest understanding of what happened in World War II, can deny that the tragedy actually happened, however much we dissident historians may wish to quibble about the means, the scale, the dates,'' he said. Being branded a Holocaust denier, ''is a verbal Yellow Star,'' he said, referring to the symbol the Nazis forced Jews to wear.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Villa Romana

Villa Romana Hexagram-1

Photo of Floor no. I is courtesy of "pginot" from Flickr.

Photo Floor no. II is courtesy of "liberalmind1012" from Flickr

The content of this page moved to the new blog of Dr. Ze'ev Goldmann

Eberhard Taubert

Dr. Eberhard Taubert was a high official in Goebbels' ministry.

From Wikipedia, entry Eberhard Taubert

Eberhard Taubert (May 11, 1907, Kassel, Germany - 1976, Cologne) was a lawyer and anti-Semitic Nazi propagandist. Since 1933 he was a member of the Nazi Propagandaministerium under Joseph Goebbels. His nickname in Nazi circles was Dr. Anti. He worked in 1940 on the script for the anti-Semitic propaganda film Der Ewige Jude and was responsible for the law requiring Jews to wear the yellow Star of David (Judenstern). 

The Silence Of The Lambs

Following is an excerpt from: The American Experience of the Holocaust by Pierre Sauvage

(I recommend reading this whole touching address, which is worth to be taught in Schools…)

Yes, what about us here during that time? Did we know nothing? Could we do nothing? Were we here in the U. S. essentially "nothings" when it comes to that experience? Or are we being handed down only part of our past, part of our experience? Are we living on lies?


In late 1940, a New York City wallpaper hanger who also happened to be a prominent Yiddish poet had felt the need to articulate some troubling thoughts and emotions:

Today the first snow descended.

Children are gliding on sleds in the park,

The air is filled with the clamor of joy.—

Like the children, I love the white snow,

And I have a special love for the month of December. (...)

O dear God, God of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob,

Scold me not for this love of mine—

Scold me for something else—


Scold me for not really wearing

The six-towered Star-of-David

And the infinite circle of the yellow patch—

To hearten the sons of Israel in Hangman's-Land


The question gnaws like a gnat in my brain,

The question eats at my heart like a worm.

Again, this was in 1940, before the large-scale murder began, before the reports on the torture and murder started dribbling back, tentative at first, but soon inescapable and convergent and clear except to those who did not want to hear, but the question of H. Leivick's identification with the Jews in Naziland was already gnawing at his brain and eating at his heart. What was left of that brain and that heart, I wonder, by the time it was over?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Urinary State, Avner Bar Hama, Installation

portrait of Herzl and the Magen David Urinary State

This detail from an artwork that includes a portrait of Herzl and the Magen David (not seen here)  is published here courtesy of the artist, and all rights are reserved to him.

According to art explorer David Sperber (translation by zeevveez):

In Avner Bar Hama’s Installation Urinary State a modern urinary is placed under the Duchamp urinary photograph. "We are living in a changing world: reality is changing as well as identity; everything changes and smells bad. What we see here is a protest against the culture of "what will the neighbors say? ". In spite of this, on the portrait of Herzl appears his saying "our hope have never been lost”.

Light Reserved Only For The Righteous

Magen David Righteous Israeli art

This artwork is published here courtesy of the artist and all rights are reserved to him.

Elements of Magen David in the creation of Avner Bar Hama Light Reserved Only For The Righteous

According to art explorer David Sperber (translation by zeevveez):

The dimension of the kabbalistic “breaking of the tools” " appears also in Bar Hama’s new works, in which the artist looks for moments of astonishment made by phenomena of light in the nature and in architectural constructions.

Subjects such as the original sin, the deportation from paradise and the breakage of the Tablets are discussed here. This is a search of the hidden light that the world was unfit for it in the process of Genesis, according to tradition, and therefore it was concealed for the righteous to be used in the future (according to Babylonian Talmud, Hagigah 12:a).

Dismantled Magen David

Dismantled Magen David israeli artAvner Bar Hama, Dismantled Magen David, 1973
Polished stainless steel on black marbleThe work is published here courtesy of the artist and all rights are reserved to him.
According to art explorer David Sperber (translation by zeevveez):
In the sculpture base two pillars resonant Yachin and Boaz Solomon Temple pillars, according to the Bible story. Eight pyramids stand on the pillars, and seems to try to come together and to organize a form of a Magen David, without success.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Burnt Matches

A Star of David made from many burnt matches appears on the cover of the book Abstraction and the Holocaust by M Godfrey. This work of art titled ‘Yizkor’ is by Jewish conceptualist Mel Bochner, and it was made to remember the fate of the Jews of Rome during the holocaust.


Star of David with a monkey

A blue on white Star of David with a monkey appears on Israel Independence 1997 invitation to a party . Why monkey? Well, because the party took place on the roof of a dancing club called Monkeys. Hayim Shtayer took this photo and sent it to me, and I thank him for that.

Copyright © Hayim Shtayer 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Go 60

60 years of Israeli Independence represented by the Star of DavidMy idea – Jennie Gottschalk's performance.
The idea was that the number 60 (years of Israeli Independence represented by the Star of David) and the word GO look similar.
Copyright: Jennie Gottschalk 2008

Avner Bar Hama Sculpture at Malha Mall, Jerusalem

sculpture with Star of David elements Israeli art
Photo of 1994 sculpture with Star of David elements is courtesy of Israeli artist Avner Bar Hama.
Copyright: Avner Bar Hama 2008.

Israeli Sculptor Avner Bar Hama on YouTube

Israeli Sculptor Avner Bar Hama sent me these photos , maily of sculptures that use Star of David elements.
Copyrights: © Avner Bar Hama 2008
See higher resolution presentation on

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digitally Processed Photography

Israeli art Stars of David  Herzl ArafatWe see here Stars of David on a photo of Herzl in the first Zionist congress with a Digitally Processed portrait of Arafat. Caption is a quote from Herzl’s saying: “the Jews who want a state will achieve it”. The idea is to show that Israelis need to show determination if they don’t want to lose their land.
Photo is courtesy of Israeli artist Avner Bar Hama, , b. 1946
Copyright: Avner Bar Hama © 2008

Therapeutic Effect

Therapeutic Effect Hexagram

Content First Appeared on  on Beliefnet

Photo copyright: © David J. Bookbinder 2008

I already heard from a few people that the Star of David has a Therapeutic Effect, but this is the first time I write about it. 

From David J. Bookbinder’s blog:

My choice of the hexagram (the Star of David, "beloved" in Hebrew) as the organizing shape for these mandalas was subconscious, but I believe this choice was no accident. In many traditions, the Star of David, composed of two overlapping triangles, represents the reconciliation of opposites — male/female, fire/water, and so on. Their combination symbolizes unity and harmony. Listening to what the mandalas were telling me led me out of a dark place and, indirectly, to my decision to become a psychotherapist.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My English Book in the Printing Machine Tray

My English Book star of David in the Printing Machine TrayToday I went to the printing lab and took this photo of my English book in the printing machine Tray. This is a huge machine a few meters long and you see the front and the back cover pages. I'm very satisfied with the colors.

Voodoo doll

six-pointed star Voodoo dollWe see a six-pointed star in the right hand of a rope Voodoo doll intended to protect its owner. It seems that the six pointed star's meaning as a shield is shared by almost all known cultures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Independence 40 Stamp Exhibition

Star of David and a lion Israel, Postage Stamp

Star of David and a lion appear on the tab of the 1988 Israeli Postal Authority stamp issued to mark Independence 40 Stamp Exhibition. Designer: Asaf Berg. The Star of David represents statehood, the lion represents Jerusalem, which played host to this National Stamp Exhibition.

My Most Impressive Stars of David

Israeli artist Iris Yehezkel asked me what are the Most Impressive Stars of David that I saw during the last two years of uploading photos of these symbols to my blog:
I thought the answer might interest a few more people- so here is my Youtube Video presentation.

Turkish Bath, "Hamam"

ventilation holes in the shape of a Star of David
Israeli painter Iris Yehazkel sent me this photo which she took in Turkey while she visited there recently with her parents who were born in Turkey. We see a local Turkish Bath, "Hamam" built by a Jew in Tiera with a few ventilation holes in the shape of a Star of David.
Copyright: Iris Yehazkel 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yellow Badges on Postage Stamps

Yellow Badge 1995 Canadian stamp

Yellow Badge appears on a 1995 Canadian stamp in memorial of the Jewish Holocaust.

Yellow Badge appears also on:

JNF “remember” Stamp from 1987

Israeli “The Bear” stamp from 2003

Israeli “Holocaust & Revival stamp from 2003

American “Liberation of the Nazi Camps” stamp from 1995.

Picture is courtesy of Stephanie Comfort.

Holy Ark Curtains

Holy Ark Curtains postage stamp 1998 Star of David

One of three Festivals 5759 (1998) Holy Ark Curtains postage stamps issued in 1998 carries a Star of David and a Menorah, two Jewish emblems that appear often on Holy Ark Curtains. Designed by Yitzhak Granot.

Bir Chana

six-pointed star shaped Bir Chana Mosaic Floor

The six-pointed star shaped Bir Chana Mosaic Floor in Tunisia’s Bardo Museum which contains also the zodiac signs as well as the personifications of the days of the week

Photo is courtesy of bibbijian from Flickr

Magen David Album Exhibit on YouTube

YouTube Video
-The Magen David Album Exhibit shows 25 actual works of art that were published during the last two-years on

All the works deal with the Israeli national emblem- the Star of David. Artists who met on cyberspace will shake hands and SPEAK with each other starting from

17th April 2008, 20:00, at Beit Sokolov, the Government Press Office, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Israeli Flag Surrounded by Stars of David

Israel's 50th Anniversary commemorative coin Stars of David

On Israel's 50th Anniversary commemorative coin the Israeli flag appears surrounded by many Stars of David.

Victory over the Nazis Coin

Victory over the Nazis Coin Star of David The Bank of Israel issued in 1995 a coin in honor and memory of the Jewish brigade and of the 1.5 million Jewish soldiers who fought against the Nazis.Times New Roman";font-family:";font-size:12pt;">The Flags of USA, Britain and Russia form a ' V ' for Victory. The Star of David at the center represents the Jewish fighters.

Revolt & Heroism Coin

Star of David 1993 Revolt & Heroism Coin

Star of David appears on a coin issued by the Bank of Israel in 1993 in honor and memory of Jewish fighters against the Nazis like the Warsaw Ghetto heroes. In the center a Star of David breaks through the Ghetto walls and wire.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Capernaum Gold Coin

Capernaum Gold Coin Star of David

Star of David inscribed in a stone from Capernaum ruins appears on a gold coin Issued by the Bank of Israel in 1985.

See an extensive article about
the Stars of David in Capernaum

Barbados Centenary of Cadet Corps

six-pointed star Barbados

In 2004 Barbados issued 5 postage stamps to mark the Centenary of its Cadet Corps. Each stamp bears (bottom right) a six-pointed star, which is part of the Cadet Corps’ Crest. Designer: Julian Vasarhelyi.

Golda Meir Banknote

Branches in the shape of the Star of David

Branches in the shape of the Star of David surround the Menorah on the Israeli 10,000 shekel banknote, which was issued in November 1984 and presented the portrait of Golda Meir on one side and the image of the crowd that turned out to cheer her in Moscow, on the other.

In addition we see below the same banknote issued in 1985 after the conversion of the 10,000 NIS to 10 NIS. This is what I call history.

Picture source: Wikipedia entry: Golda_Meir

Friday, March 14, 2008

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hand

Star of David on the Fourth Maccabiah Games postage stamp

Designers: vind & Strosky drew one Star of David on the Fourth Maccabiah Games postage stamp and four more on the tab


The stamp issued on the occasion of the Fourth Maccabiah Games depicts a globe, a combined image of the earth and a basketball, in the palm of a hand, against a blue background with a Magen David. The inscription is: "Fourth Maccabiah 1953".

The Maccabi World Union congress which followed this Maccabiah adopted a resolution to build a Maccabiah village to house the visiting contingents. Since then the Maccabiah games have been held regularly every four years.

Bouquet of Flowers Postage Stamp

bouquet of flowers in the shape of the Magen David

Eliezer Weishoff drew a bouquet of flowers in the shape of the Magen David on the Memorial Day postage stamp that was issued in 1972 by the Israeli Postal Service. The vase is wrapped with a black ribbon.

The Jewish Chronicle Postage Stamp

Jewish Chronicle Star of DavidIsraeli Postal Service issued on 1991 a postage stamp that marks 150 years to the founding of The Jewish Chronicle. A Star of David appears alongside the flag of England on the background of the Jewish Chronicle first issue. Designer: Asaf Berg.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yaniv Shapira Copper Candle Holder

Tabernacle Menorah shaped Star of David

This original Copper Candle Holder is the new creation of Jeweler Yaniv Shapira who had a booth next to our Yevu Yashir booth in the Yavna Bazaar which lasted two days and ended yesterday. The Candle Holder is inspired by Uri Ofir's research which claims that the Candle Holders of the Tabernacle Menorah were made by the Lord in Star of David shape. Photo is courtesy of Yaniv Shapira. Copyright: © Yaniv Shapira 2008

Yaniv Shapira's Candle Holder on You Tube

Watch the Star of David shadow of the white lily on Yaniv Shapira’s 40 seconds video on You Tube. Yaniv Shapira made this work under the influence of Uri Ofir's research about the Jewish origin of the Star of David from the Menorah in the Tabernacle, where the candle holder had the shape of the Star of David. The shadows of these stars are also in the shape of the Jewish national emblem. Imagine the Cohen Gadol (High priest) entering the Dvir once a year and seeing seven Star of David shadows on the floor...

Copyright (c) Yaniv Shapira 2008

Contact Yaniv Shapira

Yaniv Shapira Silver Candle Holder

Star of David Silver Candle Holder

This Silver Candle Holder is another new creation of Yaniv Shapira whose booth was next to our Yevu Yashir booth in the Yavna Bazaar . The Candle Holder is inspired by researcher Uri Ofir's claim that in the Tabernacle the Menorah Candle Holders were made by the Lord in the shape of the Star of David . Photo is courtesy of Yaniv Shapira.

Copyright: © Yaniv Shapira 2008

Yaniv Shapira Booth

Menorah Candle Holders Star of DavidJeweler Yaniv Shapira's booth in the Yavna Bazaar, April 2007. You can see his new marvelous candleholders, which were designed according to researcher Uri Ofir's theory that in the Tabernacle the Menorah Candle Holders were made by the Lord in the shape of the Star of David. At the end of Yaniv Shapira's Booth you can see Yevu Yashi's booth with the Organza lampshades and the 3D folded paper Star of David lampshades. Photo is courtesy of Yaniv Shapira. Copyrights: © Yaniv Shapira 2008.

Israel Bonds Gold Coin

Star of David Israel Bonds coin

Star of David appears in the center of Israel Bonds coin, which was issued by the Bank of Israel in 1975 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Israel Bond Organization.

Naooko Atzigo - Israel Has Lost Direction

directions-magen-davidNaooko Atzigo’s Suggestion to change Israel’s emblem is one of 15 similar suggestions that were designed in 2001 by first and second year students in Wizo Design Academy in Haifa guided by Hayim Shtayer and Terry Schreuer; courtesy of Hayim Shtayer.
Designer: Naooko Atzigo
Copyrights: Naooko Atzigo 2007


Islamic Solomon's Seal on a copper Dirham

Islamic Solomon's Seal on a copper Dirham with circles inside the triangles and between the triangles. On the left coin there are 12 circles and on the right coin only 10. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dominican Republic Postage Stamp

Dominican Republic postage stamp Blue Star of David

In 1998 the Dominican Republic issued a postage stamp that marks 50 years of Israeli independence. Blue Star of David on white background is located in the center of the stamp. Maybe the reason behind the issuing of this stamp is connected to the Dominican Republic’s acceptance of Jews fleeing Hitler who had been refused entry by other countries during the Holocaust.


Generalissimo Franco

postage stamp issued by Spanish Morocco in 1939

Six-pointed Star appears on a postage stamp issued by Spanish Morocco in 1939 to aid disabled soldiers in North Africa.

Francis Tabary

Impossible David star art Impossible David star photo is courtesy of Francis Tabary.

Copyright: Francis Tabary 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Non-Israeli Star of David Postage Stamps

This video clip is based on a PowerPoint presentation that I converted to video format by using an elegant software called wondershare PPT to YouTube. The presentation is arranged by alphabetic order of the names of the countries that issued stamps which carry Star of David on them. I reckon that most of you readers didn’t know that such stamps even existed. Since I copied the images from the WWW most resolutions are quite poor and in case you’ve got better images I’ll be glad to replace the current ones.

Liberation of the Nazi Camps

Yellow Badge, Postage Stamp Liberation of the Nazi Camps

A Yellow Badge appears on a 1995 American commemorative issue of September 1995 commemorating the Liberation of the Nazi Camps.