Monday, June 11, 2007

Knife with a Star of David

I got this from my daughter and I use it constantly. It is hard to find me a present that I really like - this one is an exception.

Leonard Cohen

CC Picture by reinvented from Flickr

Leonard Cohen's logo is a love-version of the Star of David, in which each triangle is in the shape of the heart.
The result is two interlaced hearts.

Kashmir Museum

In the open-air gallery of the S.P.S. Museum, Srinagar, Kashmir, there is a 85-cm stone slab  with an engraving of a six-cornered star inside a circle, with a small circle in its center. Similar symbols are found in different parts of Kashmir.
See: Bleazby. G.B; List of Coins & Medals in the S.P.S. Museum, Srinagar, Kashmir, pp. 1-3
This 85-cm stone slab seems antique but I couldn't find its dating.