Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ronen Siman Tov First Works 1

Picture of a black Star of David inside a three dimentional work is courtesy of Jerusalem artist Ronen Siman-Tov who made it before starting his artistic career. He told me that in his humble opinion this work is more exciting than later "educated works" because it is more energetic and less influenced.
I already published one of Ronen's Star of David works presented in the Star of David in Israeli Art Exhibition, which was opened in Yavne Gallery on the 23 March 2007.

Ronen Siman-Tov

Picture is courtesy of Jerusalem artist Ronen Siman-Tov. It shows a work that is presented these days in the Star of David in the Israeli Art Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which was opened on the 23 March 2007. 
It is hard to see in this photo the red Star of David inside the white line on the upper right , and it is hard to find it even when you look at the framed painting in the gallery, but once you see it - it changes the whole understanding of the painting, and it is full of energy.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle,Florida

This picture of a stone sculpture six-pointed star  in a fountain is courtesy of Simon Ignatowski who took it at Coral Castle in Florida and published it on Flickr