Saturday, April 22, 2006


Vase Magen David
Vase Magen David picture is  courtesy of Erik from Flickr
Erik told me that it was taken at a photocopy shop in Hadera.

Pesach Egg

Pesach Egg magen david
Photo courtesy of hundertwasser from Flickr who wrote to me the following: 
a few days after our Pesach seder. I was the only Jewish person there and they were decorating easter eggs, so I decided to make a Jewish version! Since eggs are an important symbol to Pesach as well, and since both Easter and Pesach have similar roots in pre-Judeochristian religions, I thought it was apt.

Christians for Israel

Christians for Israel magen david
Big Stars of David on T- shirts of Christians for Israel in Netherlands.
The members of this world wide organization are ardent supporters of Israel – no wonder they are wearing these white and blue T shirts. 
Photo courtesy of uruandimi from Flickr. 

Jewish Gauchos

Jewish Gauchos magen david
Magen David appears on a poster of the Jewish Gauchos of Argentine.
Photo courtesy of Robert Pollack from Flickr who wrote the following explanation:

[This is] "The program to a museum exhibit on the "Jewish Gauchos," or Jewish agricultural colonists in Argentina in the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th. Some of my ancestors were among them".
Here are some more details: The Jewish Gauchos were Russian refugees who settled in colonies in Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires; these colonies were established by the Baron Maurice de Hirsch.

The Day of the Star

In ten days we'll celebrate Israel's Independence Day, the day in which there are so many flags and banners hanging from so many buildings and flying from so many cars that nobody will be able to escape seeing the Star of David.

, honey, water, olives, oranges or orange juice, and fruits in season".

This year my son and I are going to contribute, for the first time, to the general ambiance of the holiday by selling ourthaumatrope in a few shops in Jerusalem. Above are some pictures from the preparations 

of the thaumatrope stand: