Monday, June 16, 2008

Tearing (Kriah)

israeli art Tearing

Israeli painter Sabina Saad ripped a hole in the cloth of the drawing. The hole that is ripped is in the form of yellow patch. It expresses the sorrow on loss of the six of millions Jews during the holocaust. According to Jewish custom mourners tear their outer garment. Every Jew, who was present while another Jew died, must tear his shirt from the front near to the neck.

Genesis Drawings By Kindergarten Kids In Canada

israeli art Genesis

Celebrating Israel @ 60, 3-4 year old kids at Netivot Hatorah kindergarten in Toronto, Canada, drew on Star of David shaped papers the seven days of Genesis. They were inspired by the seven paintings series of Israeli painter Dick Ben Dor. Started the project their teacher, Mindy Klein, who found photos of Ben Dor’s Genesis series on the Internet and brought them to the children.

Invitation to Herzl Face to Face Art & Design Exhibit

I hope to visit this important exhibition, and to take pictures of the items that “mention” our national emblem, which is a synonym emblem to the image of Herzl, which means that they can replace each other in the representation of Zionism. Herzl has an enormous part in the distribution of the Star of David images, and it seems that the Stars of David graciously helped promote the image of Herzl.