Monday, January 28, 2008

Logo of the Physiotherapists Organization in Israel

Logo of the Physiotherapists star of david

Photo shot by Hayim Shtayer who, besides me, is the main contributor to my blog and I salute him for his persistence in sending me amazing high-quality photos!
Copyright: © Hayim Shtayer 2008

Largest Gothic Rose Window In The World

Six-pointed StarGothic Rose Window

The largest Gothic rose window in the world is situated in the Cathedral of Mallorca, Spain, which was built on a mosque, like many other Cathedrals in Spain. It is divided into 24 triangles, half of which form the Six-pointed Star

Copyrights: Jose Manuel Chamorro Navarro © 2008

Ofira Oriel, One Nation

Ofira Oriel, One Nation magen david israeli art
Copyright: © Ofira Oriel2008
Concept of painting : 60 painted pieces that create a colourful Weave of deferent Stars of David symbolizing the multicoloured human society that was built-up in Israel in its 60 years of existence.