Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rothschild Coat Of Arms

Star of David Rothschild
There’s a Star of David on Rothschild’s coat of arms. Anti-Semites and anti-globalists claim that because the Rothschild family had such a great influence on the Zionist Movement their private coat of arms became the national emblem.
Photo is copied from Wikipedia [Rothschilds]

Abu Jihad

In the Hebrew Wikipedia [Abu Jihad entry] I found this strange rumor that has no source that Abu Jihad (1935-1988, founder of Fatah movement and the mastermind behind militant operations against Israel during the 1970s)was assassinated in Tunis in 1988. His body was full of holes, more than fifty, and they were in the shape of a Star of David.

Lilien, Friedhof

Star of David ART Zionism Star of David is a clear sign that the deceased belonged to the Jewish faith. E.M. Lilien Picture Postcard of Friedhof Cemetery. Published in Germany in 1910. Theodor Herzl was laid to rest at the Döblinger Friedhof in Vien and Lilien was his close friend.