Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jewish Starfish

When Uri Ofir published his research about The Jewish Origin of The Star Of David he checked six pointed flowers and six pointed snowflakes, but he missed THIS one. Usually starfish has five points but it seems that this one is an exception ( at first glance I was sure it's a Photoshop hoax).
Copyright: Paul Dillingham from Flickr

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Iranian Star of David

14th century Mullah Jacub's Synagogue, Isfahan, Iran

Hamed is a brave Iranian and I salute him for what he wrote in Flickr under this photo:
And to my Muslim friends who asked me to remove this shot:
I won't do so! We (Jews and Muslims) both worship the same God! We (Muslims) must respect their prophet Moses (p.b.u.h.), because he's respected by our prophet and our holy Quran!

Copyright: Hamed Saber from Flickr.

Star of David on a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with the Jewish Star

TubaOrNotTuba wrote to me:

This ornament is from the president of the company that Jay's dad (Otto) works at. ... Though Jay's family is Christian, they have many, many friends from the Jewish community...

I like this photo because it transmits an innocent optimism about Jewish-Christian future relationships...

Copyright: "TubaOrNotTuba" from Flickr

Rana Raslan

On March 9 1999 Rana Raslan, an Arab woman, was named Miss Israel for the first time in the history of this country. Rana Raslan, 21-year-old kindergarten teacher from Haifa, participated later in the Miss Universe competition where she wore a blue and white Star of David dress. Galit Levy designed the dress to resemble the Israeli flag.