Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Names Stamp

Postage Stamp, Yellow Badge
This postage stamp with Yellow Badge was designed by Meir Eshel.
On the stamp appear names of force laborers from a factory in Poland – most of them were shot and the rest were transported to a Death Camp. The rail roads that were used for transporting Jews to Death Camps become the blue stripes of the Israeli flag and the yellow badge becomes a blue Star of David on the Israeli flag. Issued in 2003.

Bear Stamp

Yellow Badge Bear Stamp
The Yellow Badge Bear Stamp was designed by Yigal Gabai.
The idea to use the bear came from the exhibition “there are no childish games” which took place in Yad Vashem including a bear that belonged to a child who fled with her parents from Transylvania to Siberia.
Issued on 2003 for Yad Vashem's 50th anniversary.

Standby Stamp

Postage Stamp Magen David

Magen David formed by 12 triangles appears in the same design on 8 stamps with different values. Issued on 07/12/1977. Designer: Michael Felheim