Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Hebrew Book in the Snow

My Hebrew Book in the Snow star of DavidI just wanted to see if the colors of the front cover of my Hebrew book fit the colors of the fresh new snow that conquered Jerusalem and brought us blesses silence for 24 hours, because no vehicle dared acting as if business was as usual, oh no...

Lantern in the Snow

Lantern in the Snow Star of David Lampshade
My way to celebrate the fresh Jerusalem snow was to take a photograph of one of my son's 3-D folded paper Sukkah lanterns. Pity I couldn't shoot it with the bulb inside so that it would light the way to the nations.

Naomi Tereza Salmon, Light Bulb

Star of David israeli art

Photo of Star of David burning wire in a light bulb is courtesy of its creator, Naomi Tereza Salmon.

20 x 20 cm

It seems to be the only simile of Star of David burning wire in a Light Bulb, which means that it is original. It also conveys the impression that in the future Israelis and Palestinians might live in peace and be a light to the nations.

This is one of about 170 works of 11 photographers from Israel and Palestinian territories at 2001 exhibition: Aspirations Toward a Future in the Middle East

Naomi Tereza Salmon was born in 1965, in Jerusalem, Israel. She studied photography at the Hadassa College in Jerusalem. She lives in Weimar (Germany).