Tuesday, May 29, 2007


ART Yellow Badge Photo is courtesy of artist Aviva Beigel
Acrilic on wood
55x40 cm
A green Star of David with an image of a human being on each point - for the six milion Jews that were killed through World War II.
Copyrights: Aviva Beigel 2007

This work is taking part in the Yellow Holocaust Star Exhibit at Yigal Alon House, Safed, which started on 30-4-2008. Curator: Reli Wasser.

Technique: Mosaic and mix media on wood.

The Yellow Patch is going through transformation, it changes its color to gold.

Gold appears in the mosaics of the Early Byzantine Art as a color of holiness. In my work it signifies the holiness of Jewish people that were murdered in the Holocaust Each one of the figures standing on the Magen David symbolizes one million Jews.

The wall in the background is a reminder to the " Wall" in Jerusalem, the ultimate symbol of Judaism

Aviva Beigel Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Painting, sculpture, ceramics and mosaic.

Exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

B. A. IN Art History, groups and workshops guide in the

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Jewish Amazon

Israeli art magen david
Photo is courtesy of artist Aviva Beigel
acrilic on wood
40x40 cm
Aviva wrote to me that it is one of four works in which she dealt with the subject of amazons as an expression of feminine power. This project has also a reference to Merlin Monroe’s four portraits (Merlin also represents feminine power), and a reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, which is also encircled.
Aviva Beigel was born in 1952 and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Copyright: Aviva Beigel 2007

Hexagram on a Muslim Coin

Solomon’s seal
Solomon's seal is engraved on a rare Muslim Coin.
Courtesy of Shlomo Moussaieff, collector of Biblical archaeology items.
Copyright: Shlomo Moussaieff 2008