Saturday, January 29, 2011

Online edition of my book on the history of the Star of David

In 2008 I published in a private edition a book on the history of the Star of David, which was based on this  blog (star of David album). Since then more material was added, so I found it necessary to release an updated online edition

In this format I can correct any mistake and continue to update
In this online edition, like in the printed book, each article appears exactly in its right place according to a chronological sequence of events - in difference from the blog where articles are organized by the date I uploaded them to the WWW

Under each picture there’s my Hebrew text in the comment section. I hope that enthusiast readers will add their language translations in the comment section, or send me the translation to my email address and I'll add it myself

The main novelty of this site is visual, because till now researchers didn’t publish pictures of such quality and such scope, and readers who wanted to see what the researchers relate to had to go to libraries to check each image separately

Here you can see each picture enlarged 

Or see all the album as an automatic slide show

Or see the automatic slideshow with captions

Or see any picture on the entire screen with the option to navigate Next / Previous


2500 BCE Sumerian
1700 BCE Minoan Seals
1200 BCE Karkom Israel
9th century BCE - Meggido Israel
7th century BCE, Sidon, Lebanon, Seal
4-1 century BCE Amulet
Third century C.E. -Ein Yael Roman Mosaic Floor
4th Century - Judeo Christian Synagogue Capernaum, Israel-1
Third Century C.E. - Roman Mosaic Floor, Lod, Israel
8th century- King Offa Coin, England
9th Century - Muslim Coin
10th Century Cairo Genizah
11th Century - Codex Leningrad-3
12th Century Ethiopia Lalibela
13th century- Synagoge Statue Bamberg Hexagram
13th Century - Cosmatesque Style
13th Century - Brewer's Star
1367 - Alcobaca Monastery Portugal
1394 - First Mention of Psalms 67 as Star of David
14th Century Jewish Manuscript
15th Century? -Synagogue, Spain
1531 Celestial Alphabet
c 15th Century Tarot Card
15th century, Kennicott Bible, Spain
c. 16th Century - Muslim Tombstone
16th Century Seder Plate
1538-  on the Walls of the Old City in Jerusalem
1540 - Prague Flag (Red flag on the right)
16th century Foah Family Print Mark
1613 David Ganz tombstone in Prague
16-19 Century - Mughal, Rajasthan, India
1659- Alchemy
18th century Jonathan Eibenschütz's Amulet
18th century Jewish Chuppa Stone from Wurzburg
1782 - Great Seal of the United States
1870 - Mizrach with Lions
19th Century Free Masons Tombstone
1863 Church Facade, Santa Croce, Florence, Italy
1897- Theodor Herzl's newspaper, Die Welt.
1905- Protocols of the Elders of Zion
1914 -  Messiah House, Jerusalem
1921 - Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption
1930 - rastafarians
1939  -Yellow Badge, Holocaust
1948 - Israeli Flag
c 1960 Anti Israel Arab Propaganda.
2001-Jewish Museum Berlin / Holocaust Remembrence
2009 - Long Live Israel Graffiti