Saturday, November 03, 2007


synagogue-jewish-star HistoryPhoto of Star of David in Peki'in synagogue is courtesy of Hayim Shtayer who shot it.
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2007.
I heard that there is also a Star of David from the Roman period inscribed on one of the stones that build this synagogue but haven't seen its picture yet:
The synagogue was built in 1873, on the ruins of an ancient synagogue.

Yigal Bin Nun, The Border of Consieouseness

Consieouseness-magen-david Israeli artStar of David appears in a photographic work by Yigal Bin Nun.
Exhibited in Haifa Museum in 1989 by curator Avraham Eilat as part of a group exhibition titled "the border of consieouseness".
Copyrights: Yigal Bin Nun 2007

Sabbioneta Print

Star of David print logo On the first page of Maimonides' book, "moreh nevuchim" (guide to the perplexed) in Sabbioneta print from 1553 there's a Star of David in the leaves of the tree in the bottom center. The printer, Tobias ben Eliezer Foa, used it as a personal printers' signature on a few of his Hebrew books.