Monday, June 19, 2006

Theresienstadt Ghetto Hidden Synagogue

On Flickr I found two photos of Stars of David on the ceiling of the Hidden Synagogue in Theresienstadt ghetto, a town in the former Czechoslovakia, northwest of Prague. The Hidden Synagogue was discovered during the remodeling of a private home in 1997. This story proves in a deep emotional way the special connection that Jews in these horrible conditions made between the shape and the Zionist meaning of their emblem.


Saint Petersburg Bas Relief

I found a well designed website about Saint Petersburg which is intended to promote tourism to this city. There are a few impressive Star of David bas-reliefs without any "historical or architectural analysis", so that it is not clear if they are Jewish, and most chances are that they are non Jewish hexagrams. Anyhow they are so interesting and aesthetic that I decided to let you readers enjoy them.

Readers who can shed some light about this riddle of the Saint Petersburg bas-relief are invited to send me their comments.

Bolshaya Podyacheskaya Ulitsa, 36

Above the entrance: two warriors shaking hands. They look like Roman legionaries. One of them holds a Shield of David.

  Zagorodny Prospect, 7

Star of David on gates which lead into the yard of the inn of Konevsky monastery


 Liteyny Prospect, 21

Star of David in a circle above the window

 Bolshoy Prospect P.S., 77

Star of David in a circle on the roof of the entrance

  Goncharnaya Ulitsa, 12

"Cultivated" form of a Star of David in a circle

 Ploschad Ostrovskogo, 5

"Cultivated" form of a Star of David in a circle

  11 Liniya V.O., 20

Anti Semite Horned satyr-demon on a Star of David

   Anichkov Garden (Nevsky Prospect)

the Russian State Emblem, Double-headed eagle, holds in its claws the Star of David in a circle.

 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova

Star of David in a circle on the facade of the Church of Christ's Resurrection, also called "the Saviour-on-Blood".