Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lamel School

Edler von Lamel School is at Yeshayahu St. Jerusalem. It was built in 1903 and has a big stone Star of David above its entrance. Architect Theodore Sandler who passed away during the work designed the school; his son Benjamin completed the design.

Photographer Baruch Gian wrote an article in Hebrew titled "The best Magen David" about stonecutters in Jerusalem in the beginning of the 20th century. He claims that in those days the Star of David was the most common symbol to be engraved in stone. It appeared usually in the keystone, in windows and doors. All this happened many years before the establishment of the state of Israel…



Artists Delineate Territories of a Symbol

On March 1996 there was an art exhibition (Hebrew) titled "the Star of David: Israeli and German artists delineate territories of a symbol" in the Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel. Batia Donner was the curator and 16 artists, 7 from Germany and 9 from Israel, showed how they see this symbol.

 The exhibition was based on another exhibition held in Germany to celebrate 30 years since the beginning of diplomatic relationships between Germany and Israel.  Among the artists were: noted Israeli press and art photographer Micha Bar Am, photographer Alex Libak, poster-artist Yossi Lemel and David Tartakover. 

Cooperation between Israelis and Germans is always under the shadows of holocaust associations, especially when dealing with this special symbol which Nazis used to humiliate Jews; that's why it was a poetic justice to choose the Star of David for the Israeli flag.