Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hexagrams in Indian Sandpainting

Hexagrams are only one of many motifs of the Indian geometrical sandpainting made usually with rice powder. It is created by millions of Hindu women every morning in front of their houses in order to bring prosperity to their families. Rice powder is used to invite ants and birds to eat it… the idea is to contribute to the harmony of the world.

Hexagrams in Indian Sandpainting
Courtesy of Raji.srinivas from Wikipedia entry Kolam

Other names for Indian Sandpainting are: Alpana, Aripana, Madana, Rangoli, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chowkpurana, Muggu.

Kolam made from Lentils
Courtesy of preetamrai from Flickr

Hexagram made from elements ordered as palindrom rows: 1-4-3-4-1
 Courtesy of kalyan from Flickr

Hexagram Pattern - Indian Sandpainting
 Courtesy of arimoore from Flickr