Saturday, April 15, 2006

Traditional Interpretations of the Six Points

I read that the six points of the Star of David symbolize the future powers of the Messiah: 

·        Wisdom

·        Understanding

·        Counsel

·        Heroism

·        Knowledge

·        Fear of the Lord (According to Yeshayahu Chapter 11:2)

 Also, according to the Talmud (Sanhedrin 93), the Messiah will be from the House of David. This is based on the Bible verse (Ruth 3:15) that tells how Boaz gave Ruth, King David's mother, six barleys

Rashi comments:

 It was really six grains of barley, for Boaz was hinting to her that a son, who would be blessed with six blessings, was destined to descend from her.


I read another interesting interpretation of these six points on the late Rabbi S"Z Kahana website. He wrote that he knew people who see the Shield of David as a protector of the human spirit which is in the center of the six directions:

·        Up

·        Down

·        East

·        West

·        North

·        South  


Others say that the six points relate to six possible ways of contact that a Hebrew man has with the land of Israel:

·        Didn't see it

·        Saw it from a distance

·        Entered and got out

·        Entered and stayed for the rest of his life

·        Born in Israel and lived there

·        Died abroad but his bones were brought to Israel


Mini Israel

Mini Israel magen david
Today we put a stand with our twirling Israeli flag in the gift shop of Mini-Israel and took a map of the park home...

 Mini Israel is a miniature models park, between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv,  which is designed in the shape of a Star of David, marked by a red brick path, while each triangle is devoted to a different part of the country - Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, the Negev, the Galilee

Jaimal Yogis wrote that "The Park is built in the shape of the Star of David to avoid delineating Israel's shifting borders".


In the park there are more than 330 detailed models of important Israeli sites and 50,000 plants (17,000 of them are miniature trees). It was built at an investment of $20 million and it covers seven acres of land.

Jewish Identity

 Jodi Werner wrote  about the original private meaning she relates to the Star of David:

·      The open space at the center represents the answers I have yet to find — the cultural, personal and religious identity I am still forging.

·        The balanced and opposing triangles symbolize my struggle between personal reflection and public promotion.


She got a Star of David necklace from her boyfriend and started wearing it every day. This simple act brought to her knowledge various reactions she didn't expect:


It has also led people to make incorrect assumptions about me — that I am an Orthodox or traditionally observant Jew, that I am a staunch supporter of Israeli military actions or that I keep strictly kosher.


"Wearing a Star of David has also helped me to work on caring less about what other people think of me and not needing external approval as regularly. I do not wish to hide or deny my religious identity, but symbolically wearing it daily on my chest signals me loudly as "other" and potentially as a target for hatred".