Saturday, April 15, 2006

Traditional Interpretations of the Six Points

I read that the six points of the Star of David symbolize the future powers of the Messiah: 

·        Wisdom

·        Understanding

·        Counsel

·        Heroism

·        Knowledge

·        Fear of the Lord (According to Yeshayahu Chapter 11:2)

 Also, according to the Talmud (Sanhedrin 93), the Messiah will be from the House of David. This is based on the Bible verse (Ruth 3:15) that tells how Boaz gave Ruth, King David's mother, six barleys

Rashi comments:

 It was really six grains of barley, for Boaz was hinting to her that a son, who would be blessed with six blessings, was destined to descend from her.


I read another interesting interpretation of these six points on the late Rabbi S"Z Kahana website. He wrote that he knew people who see the Shield of David as a protector of the human spirit which is in the center of the six directions:

·        Up

·        Down

·        East

·        West

·        North

·        South  


Others say that the six points relate to six possible ways of contact that a Hebrew man has with the land of Israel:

·        Didn't see it

·        Saw it from a distance

·        Entered and got out

·        Entered and stayed for the rest of his life

·        Born in Israel and lived there

·        Died abroad but his bones were brought to Israel


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