Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Religious Symbols

Religious Symbols star of david MY BOOKSPhoto is courtesy of Seoirse who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption:
Buddhism, Islam Judaism Sikhism Hinduism Christianity Taoism Bahaiism Jainism Shinto Zoroastrianism.... projected onto the wall from the Saint Mungo museum of religious life and art, Glasgow, Scotland.

I intend to use this photo for my English book about the pictorial history of the Star of David from 2700 BCE until today.

Three Religions in One Building

Three Religions in One Building hexagramPhoto of Star of David On Mount Zion outside the Old City of Jerusalem is courtesy of Exothermic who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption:
This photo shows the close proximity that three religions reside in Jerusalem. The bottom floor is David’s Tomb, a Jewish holy site; the top floor is the Cenacle or the Upper Room, a Christian holy site; and on top of all this is a Muslim minaret.

Michael Maytal

Star of David Israeli art photography

Photo is courtesy of Michael Maytal who wrote to me that he lives in New York and passes every day through Harlem on his way to work and sees enchanted the marvels of old architecture. One of the things that caught his eyes was an old church ornamented with two Stars of David.

Copyright: Michael Maytal 2008.