Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shosh Segev Embroidery

This is an embroidery made by Israeli artist Shosh Segev especially for the Star of David exhibition in Yavne Gallery which opened yestarday. 
The reflection in the glass of the frame shows me taking the photo and the Star-of-David-Chuppa created by artist Yaniv Shapira.

Star Glasses

I asked Jennie Gottschalk, whose computer designs I favor, to illustrate Star of David sunglasses and she accepted my request. At first glance I saw a male wearing Star Glasses, a second latter I realized it is a woman.
I like the result and even more I like the creative cooperation between me and Jennie Gottschalk, which seems quite a precedence here on Flickr (correct me if I'm wrong).


Picture is courtesy of Matthew Field who published it on Flickr and who wrote to me:
they were selling them in all the Dominos in South Korea last October. I didn't try one so I don't even know what the star topping was made of.