Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ezekiel's Vision

Janik Pilet explains the first chapter in Genesis according to the six-pointed star:
A six-pointed star surrounded by a circle and with a central dot is a traditional representation of the legendary Seal of Solomon in the popular imagery.
At the end of this chapter Janik Pilet explains also Ezekiel's Merkaba Vision according to the six-pointed star:
“and-fire taking-herself”- the coloured centre of the figure, with its Fire signs.
“and-brightness to-him around”- The six white-lighted triangles…
“as-sparkle-of the-amber from-midst-of the-fire”- Mercury in the midst of the three fire signs…
“and-four faces to-one”- Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius…

Dror Auslander Lool Moroccan-Jews

This is the last painting in the Dror Auslander series "Lool" that is published here on this blog. It shows the representatives of the Moroccan-Jews criticizing the new immigrants from Russia. The series is part of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which was opened on the 23 March 2007. Curator: Roni Reuven.

Dror Auslander "Lool"

Painter Dror Auslander made a series of paintings about a popular TV parody called “Lool” (hen-house) which was created in 1969
IMHO this series of paintings is a milestone in the history of Zionist-art and Dror Auslander is a follower of E. M. Lilien who escorted the beginning of this movement.

Kosher Chicken Market

New York Jewish star Picture is courtesy of Tom Fletcher who has an amazing collection of old photos from New York titled
The Lower East Side street scenes
What I liked in this photo was the Star of David, of course, with the Hebrew word for Kosher inside, but even more than that I liked the atmosphere of "those were the days, my friend”, when every thing seemed to be so black and white and simple, when I was a child…