Friday, June 15, 2007

Cave of the Patriarchs

Photo is courtesy of "Tbass Efendi" who published it on Flickr. There is a row of six pointed stars on the outer arc which are created by the curved lines of the pattern. In the center there is an eight pointed star. To me this whole ornament looks like an eye that watches the Muslim believers while they pray.
The Cave of the Patriarchs serves both Muslims and Jews and this photo is an opportunity to focus on its Muslim part.

Dominant Image

Photo is courtesy of "JayredS" who published it on Flickr with the following caption:
I designed this poster in Photoshop during my 10th grade World History class as a project on the Holocaust. The assignment was to create a poster that portrayed your feelings about the events of the Holocaust.
The Jewish star in the middle was created entirely from scratch. I chose it as my dominant image because of its easily recognizable appearance and its central dominance as marking the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The significance of the numbers 6 and 13 are 6m Jews killed and 13m total.

IMHO JayredS is right - the most dominant image of the Holocaust is the yellow Star of David.

I just finished writing the first draft of my new book, "Yellow Badge Album", which contains dozens of art works that "mention" Yellow Badges, and the above work is one of them. JayredS sent me a new version of this work with the following caption:

Remembrance. To never forget what happened to the generation of Jews who suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany is an important goal of today's generation of youth. In an effort to inspire others "to never forget", I designed this poster for a World History course in 2006. While I have no direct connection to the Holocaust, it is my utmost belief that every Jew around the world today is connected and should never forget that.

Chinese and Holocaust Imagery

Photo is courtesy of "fan dan ke"  who published it on flickr and wrote to me:
Its a painting, by whom i'm not sure, that was on display around june 2006 in the gallery room of a Synagogue in Shanghai, China. most of the works were a combination of chinese and Holocaust imagery, as most of the Jews in Shanghai arrived in the 1940s to escape the genocide.