Sunday, October 22, 2006

Almudena Cathedral

Hexagram pattern in the Almudena Cathedral, near the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. The Almudena Cathedrais is very new by European standards; it was completed in 1993 but the plans for its building began in the 16th century.
Picture is courtesy of "holy_beehive" from Flickr

The Law of Spiritual Conservation of Energy

Theodor Herzl suggested seven golden stars for the flag of Israel to symbolize "the seven golden hours of our working day." As every body knows the flag eventually had one Star of David on its center. These seven Stars of David appear on the logo of Zim Israel Navigation Company.
Picture is courtesy of "kirsten_pdx" who published it on Flickr

Anousim, Marranos, Crypto Jews

Photo is courtesy of "yvern99" who published it on Flickr. This Texan tombstone belongs most likely to a Jew who was forced to convert to the Catholic religion. Somehow his family succeeded in smuggling Stars of David under the prominent Cross.
The Marranos aka Crypto Jews aka Anousim are the descendants of the Jews of Spain and Portugal who were forced to convert to Christianity more than 500 years ago. Stars of David on gravestones and in churches are among the traits that help the Marranos identify their origins. The power of ancient history to manipulate our modern actions is an amazing phenomenon. Somebody sometime started using this peculiar symbol and that was enough to help his remote descendents after so many generations to succeed in finding their way home.