Saturday, July 07, 2007

Judaica Bookplate Collector

star of David bookplate Photo of star of David in a bookplate  that belongs to Stephen Caplin is courtesy of Lew Jaffe who posted it on his blog on April 24, 2007 
Inside the hexagon we see the Hwbrew word for peace

Louis Armstrong

Gabe Gross sent me this email:
Yesterday, I learned something very interesting about someone who wore the star of David... Louis Armstrong. He wore one his whole life! When he was 8 & in abject poverty in New Orleans, he was taken in by and worked for a family of Russian Jews. They treated him like a son, introduced him to all types of music, including classical & Russian folk. They also loaned him money for his first instrument, a cornet.

Ira moskowitz

Star of David kites Photo of chasing the Star of David kites is courtesy of a Flickr member who asked me not to mention her name.
Painter: Ira Moskowitz (b.1912, Poland)