Monday, June 22, 2009

Six Pointed Star Fortress

Architectura of fortresses, Strasbourg 1589By Daniel Hamstead, (1536-1589), 
military engineer, engineer and cartographer

Karlovac, Croatia 1774
A whole town inside a fortress, which was built
in the shape of a six-pointed star
against the advancing Turks
Karlovac is named after Austro-Hungarian tsar Carl
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About 1680 Nové Zámky in Slovakia was built according to a similar plan
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Star of David Sculpture at Gottingen, Germany

You"ll have to lay eyes on the picture until the shape of the Star will form in your mind.
Memorial created in 1973 by Conrad Cagli

Notice the additional star of David on the pavement!
Outside view of the above sculpture
Pictures were uploaded to Wikimedia by Daniel Schwen (thanks, Daniel!)
Shot at the Platz der Synagoge, Göttingen, Germany