Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Synagogue Tent

Decorative plate with Star of David in its center in Moshe Genish's Synagogue Tent in the Galilee, Israel.

Tent in the Galilee

3 dimensional Star of David in Moshe Genish's Synagogue Tent in the Galilee, Israel. For Genish the Star of David is not an object or a symbol - it is a part of him...

Mishpacha Magazine

A small article was published about Yevu Yashir 3D folded paper in the Mishpacha magazine of 28 September 2006, right before Sukkoth. 
The Sukkah lampshade developed by the Barkan Family is made of paper and is opened in the shape of a 3D Star of David. The lampshade "upgrades" any ordinary bulb that lights the Sukkah and adds color and interest to the decorations. Comes in various colors.
Price: 35 NIS
Mishpacha page 45.