Friday, October 19, 2007

Independence Day Stamps Arrived

Yesterday I got this stamps sheet from the Israeli Postal Authority. The stamps were designed, according to my idea, by my favorite graphic artist Jennie Gottschalk who lives in New Zealand. In each stamp you see Magen David and baloons made not from lines but from the letters of the Israeli national anthem. There are only 24 of these stamps in the world and if there will be a demand for them their price will go up and up :)

Crusaders’ Coins Minted in Acre

In Yaakov Meshorer's Hebrew-language book, The Third Side of the Coin, Yad Ben Tzvi, 2004 p. 87 I saw two important photos of hexagrams on crusaders’ coins minted in Akko (Acre) in the 13th century. This is the first proof I stumbled upon to the connection between crusaders’ and this emblem. I started suspecting this connection after I saw photos of crusaders’cross within a hexagram on the arch of the ceiling of Saint Mary's in

Lalibela, Ehhiopia, from the 12th century and on the ceiling of the Old Templar church of Garway, Wales.

Alexi Yimtzov, Seven and Eight

Kabalistic-art-Magen-DavidPhoto is courtesy of painter Alexi Yimtzov
Title: Seven and Eight
Size:100/80 cm
Technique :oil on canvas
From the beginning of times the world was divided into eight parts, seven of them corrected themselves. Now we are at the eighth part, which is the hardest and darkest.
Until the correction will happen the light won't come out.

About the artist:
Alexi was born in 1968 in Georgia and came to Israel at the age of 12. He was addicted to heroin for 22 years and has been clean for 5 years. From this clean feeling he creates and makes Kabalistic art.
Pay attention to the Star of David on the center of the top right circles.