Saturday, October 13, 2007

Explosive Situation

Star of David israelPhoto of Star of David made from matches is courtesy of Hayim Shtayer. Eyal Gershon, second year student in Wizo Design Academy in Haifa, under the instruction of Hayim Shtayer, designed it in 2005 while there was in the air in Israel a possibility of war between brothers because of the evacuation of settlements in Gaza Strip.
Copyrights: Eyal Gershon 2007

Hopes For The Future

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann wrote on "kolot chayeinu" web page:
I wonder if there is a divide between Judaism and Israel as it is now. Last year, I helped create a series of workshops for Muslim youth, with a few Jews and Christians participating. At the end, they created a mural about their hopes for the future. On the mural was the Star of David. One of the young men who helped with the project said that a few of the children felt very comfortable acknowledging Judaism through the Star of David, but not the Israeli flag. One of the boys said he sees the flag as an oppressive symbol, but sees the Star of David as a religious symbol that in Islam must be respected and honored, because the Jews are the people of the Book. It's amazing that children can distinguish between the religion, the people, and the political situation, while adults have a hard seeing the difference.

Ofer Rubin, Israeli Reality

Star of David Israeli artPicture is courtesy of artist Ofer Rubin. This work takes part in an exhibition titled 60 years old [Israel] opens its eyes
Opening: 15.10.2007
Rosh Pina Museum
In the exhibition's catalog I found the following caption about it:

Wood, glass, mirrors and candles
50 cm – 150 cm
This piece reflects the reality of living in Israel today showing the real side of our lives in wood and the illusionary side in mirrors and glass. Future abundance is represented in silver coins and crystals. In the center the Star of David symbolizes the end that is known to all of us.
Ofer Rubin, 45, from Rosh Pina, creates “Jerusalem Wind- chims” some of which are found all across Israel as memorials or as environmental sculptures.

Copyright: Ofer Rubin 2007