Saturday, May 31, 2008

Israel 60 logo in Arabic

See the Israel 60 logo in Arabic at the top of our Prime Minister's office web page. It makes the impression that an Arab boy is playing joyously with a blue ribbon, celebrating Israel’s Independence…

I’d like to take a photo of this logo – but where can I find it? Is anybody using it, or is it a joke?

The truth is that the six-pointed star belongs to the Muslims not less than to the Jews, since the beginning of Islam until today, but it has a different name: Solomon’s seal. After the founding of Israel the six-pointed star became so identified with Israel that Arabs began erasing their six-pointed stars, as long as they could take them off without collapsing their Mosques...


Maze in the shape of the Israeli National Emblem

Illustration by David Simonds


Israel 60 Sunglasses


So cool!