Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stopper On The Bottle

From: The Internet Book of Shadows
In alchemy, the Star of David combined the symbols for fire and water; hence, it meant distillation. Until recently, therefore, it appeared on shops selling brandy... The stopper on the bottle containing the bottle imp or jinni was stamped with the seal of Solomon. In the Nsibidi script of West Africa, a native form of writing, the symbol means ardent love; the universality of the male-female content of the sign is here apparent.

Star of Honda

honda-hexagramPhoto of Indian yantra on a Honda motorcycle is courtesy of Ben Piven. I reckon it is used here as an symbol of protection. (Riding this powerful vehicle seems quite dangerous).

Sanford Biggers

In 2006 artist Sanford Biggers (Assistant Professor of Sculpture) had an exhibition titled Freedom: And Other Seldom Traveled Roads. There was a record jacket decorated with disco mirrors creating a six pointed star. 

Sanford Biggers deals with themes of sacred geometry in Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. 

The meaning of the Geometric Arabesque

Solomon’s Seal surrounding a white flower
Photo of arabesque (from India?) with Solomon’s Seal surrounding a white flower is courtesy of Lynn Bodner, researcher of Islamic star designs.