Wednesday, July 16, 2008

13th Maccabiah Postage Stamp

The Maccabiah Postage Stamp designers demonstrated along the years their original talent to view the Star of David in a new light. Here we see the number 13 as a main element in the construction of our national emblem. Photo is courtesy of Gideon from the Israeli Stamp collector’s Forum “collect”.

Issued: 1989

Designers: Dan Reisinger, Rafi Dayagi, M. Gali

Antique Book About Herzl

Star of David appears on the cover of a 40 Page book titled Theodor Herzl written by Dr. Osias Thon, Issued in Berlin.

Jehoshua Osias Thon (1870-1936), was Lvov community’s Rabbi, a Zionist leader, and a member of the Polish Parliament.

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