Saturday, February 17, 2007

Eddie Exodus

Eddie Exodus has a terrific Slam Poetry Video Clip about the Star of David on Youtube. I hope he'll send me the lyrics so I can add them to this posting. The clip is very well done and after playing it few times I noticed that the images delicately fit the meanings.

Beer Glass

What is a six-pointed star emblem doing on a beer glass? The Hexagram was intended to symbolize purity; folklore has it that it  represented the six aspects of brewing: water, hops, grain, malt, yeast, and brewer.
Picture is courtesy of o0karen0o from Flickr.

Treasure of Nimrud

Six pointed Star on a gold seal
Courtesy of Noreen Feeney (c) 2011

I already wrote about a hexagram that was found on the black obelisk in Nimrud in northern Iraq, but it isn't clear if it has six or seven points and it is not made of two equilateral triangles. From the same excavation we have a perfect hexagram in a perfect condition, which nobody can deny, in the Treasure of Nimrud. It is one of 613 items of gold jewelry and precious stones that were dated to the 8th and 9th century B.C. found In 1991 by Iraqi archaeologist Muzahim Mahmu. Its six triangles are made of gold dots and they encircle a ring of gold dots which encircles a gold disc.

Treasure of Nimrud exhibition was supposed to arrive to Washington this month including an amazing  gold hexagram. (See picture number 383 by Noreen Feeney from Iraq Museum International).

I read the excavators' book
Hussein, Muzahim Mahmoud Nimrud: a city of golden treasures Al-Huriyah Printing House, 2000

All the items appear there except for our hexagram - Guess why...