Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Indian Six

We already saw on this blog that six is the number related to the six pointed star in Judaism Islam and Hellenism (Pythagoras) - now I found out that also the Indians tie this emblem to the same number:
From: Dancing With Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism p. 728
(Himalayan Academy, 2003 ISBN 0945497962):
"Shatkona, “six-pointed star,” is two interlocking triangles, the upper stand for Siva, purusha and fire, and the lower for Shakti, prakriti and water. Their union gives birth to Sanat-kumara, whose sacred number is six".

Star of Vishnu

Star-of-Vishnu-hexagramPhoto of a typical Indian six pointed star is courtesy of thaths who published it on Flickr.
Wayne B. Chandler wrote in his book Ancient Future on p. 69
"In India the six-pointed star is called the star of Vishnu, reflecting the cosmic union between Kali and Shiva, the male and female forces of the universe…heralded as the star of creation by the Egyptians".