Monday, May 07, 2007

Probably Gold Probably Ancient

Star of David gold

A friend of mine sent me this photo and said all he knows about this Star of David is that it is made of gold, probably, and that it is ancient, probably. 

Nancy Schick

Nancy Schick is a fine blogger with an excellent taste. She publishes “a little bit of everything” but her main interest is Judaism. She also likes my postings - I presume she’s the only one, except me, who read them all. She frequently publishes some of my stuff on her blog. - Which is a good thing for me mainly because I can read her reader’s comments.

Nepalese Pagoda in Australia

Photo of Six- pointed star carved in stone is courtesy of "cocteautwin2000" who published it on Flickr. It was made for the Nepalese Pavilion at the World Exposition 1988 (Expo 88), held at Southbank in Brisbane.