Monday, May 07, 2007

Probably Gold Probably Ancient

Star of David gold

A friend of mine sent me this photo and said all he knows about this Star of David is that it is made of gold, probably, and that it is ancient, probably. 


zeevveez said...

Mama commented on Nancy's Blog:
The style of jewelry there resembles the Etruscan, yet I also seem to recall seeing a piece of Jewelry from the Phoenicians with gold braidwork such as that. The braidwork and beading is a style reminiscent of the ancient mediterranean in any case, and especially much jewelry unearthed from the 7th to 10th centuries BCE. It looks as if it is a broach or pin and the clasp attachment would go a long way in helping to determine the age of the piece. I'm no expert on this by any means, but I do love to study about archaeology and ancient Jewelry fascinates me.

David, Jewish star said...

Very interesting design star symbol, looks like made ​​from old rope. Do you know about what time it was created?

zeevveez said...

Georg Eisner commented:
The object was probably made by the lost wax technique –to prove it check the backside.
This is unusual for such Items, which usually are produced in Filigran. –There is a possibilty of an Akan Origin (Nigeria) where Jewellery has been made to order of Europeans even today. Maybe a (Jewish?) tourist has ordered it to be produced right on the spot in one of the shops at Lagos.
The stile of the three parallel bands is characteristic also among the akans.

zeevveez said...

Sorry, in my comment is an error:
the shops are at Kumasi, not Lagos