Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rev. William Buehler’s Mystical Approach

I sent Rev. William Buehler an email asking how does he see the Star of David. Following are some excerpts from his answer:
These notes are in a mystical context, not in an academic thread, however probably more informative than you'll generally find regarding actual meaning and application. If you are comfortable with the mystical approach I can probably go more deeply. I'll provide some introductory information…
I became a mystic in about 1970 while still in the US Navy. Some of my friends and I were experiencing paranormal events and I wished to know how and why these things occured. I was a Commander and didn't worry about my career so I did my work and put extra time into trying to find answers. The events included levitation, past life recall, telepathy, out of body, and the usual list of such things. I also went through some notable past initiations from different religions, apparently upgraded to my present time.

I soon found out that the Jewish and Christian priests were not of help so I found answers in the Eastern schools. However my archetype is in the Jewish and Christian system(s) so I decided to (1) learn contemporary mysticism in the Western cultures where it seemed relevent to present events, and (2) do my own translation and interpretation of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, ignoring most or all existing commentaries (none of relevance). I retired from the Navy and went to American University (Washington DC) to design my own MA in Religion. I wanted the time and discipline of the academics who permitted me the freedom of the mystic approach...

I specialize in grid systems used in temples and earth grids. I find that the patterns can be applied to groups. Study of scripture involves exactly the same technique…

The equilateral triangle has its main apex in the north, representing the balanced right/left brain. The SE corner is the right brain function, the SW is the left. People or actions will organize themselves in that format. The other triangle will have the same organization but reversed. Lines across the poles unify the two. Place people in those points. This is also the key to understanding the "division of labor" for the 6 entities in the Transfiguration 6-point in Mark 9:2-13. Yeshua, Moses, Elishah are in one triangle, Peter (Kaffa), James (Yachob), brother John (Yachan: sons of thunder, also Zebedee: dowry) in the other ...

use Hebrew names for all to determine their poles. This is one of the greatest 6-point stars you'll find. The main use of the Shield/ Tsenah-Dowd or "Key" of David (Rev 3:7-13) is in forming the central pillar of all temples or personal application, called the Layooesh Pillar in modern mysticism (Gate of the Lord in Ps 118:19-23). A star tetrahedron (interpenetrated tetrahedrons) is formed, then an "Ennead Flash" (9 poles or "Anchor of God" in the Reshel's Tsadey pole), then a star pentahedron (two pyramids interpenetrated). This generates the Pillar form needed to access Metatronic/Messianic levels. Then a classic temple of 12 poles is formed to hold the higher field. This can of course be done simply through meditation without the formats however serious light work requires more efficiency in doing more tasks, more accurately. This demands more exact management of thought forms. The 6-point forms the star tetrahedron. In the Reshel the equilateral triangle is called the Haepathia. The apex pole formed by two golden ratio spirals is labeled the Vau pole. The two base points are the Yud and Beth poles...

one would need to know what these actually DO. The Reshel's other half interacts to use the two triangles in different reality frames, the Shield of David (love, cauldron) being one of them.

Ivory Yellow Stars

Ivory Yellow stars in the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which opened on the 23 March 2007. Artist and curator Roni Reuven saw these Ivory Yellow Stars in collector Beno Calev's house. Two of Roni Reuven's works which are shown in the exhibition depict these Ivory Yellow stars.

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion hexagramPicture of hexagram Optical Illusion is copied from of Wikipedia
The information that the eye gathers does not fit the physical measurement of the object… 

Davidic Dynasty Coat Of Arms

David Hughes wrote an article titled Davidic Dynasty, where he claims that
The "kindred" of Jesus and their male-line descendants were honored in very high degree both by Christians and by various Jewish interest groups alike, as heirs of ancient Jewish royalty, or as earthly representatives of "Christ", the eternal king of the universe. The descendants of The Holy Family were called the Desposyni" /"Desposynoi", meaning, "The Master's Kin". The "desposyni" took the surname "Kyriakon", meaning "The Lord's House". Their claims to be the successors of "another king", one, Jesus, other than Caesar (Acts 17:7), made them rivals of the Roman emperors, and, as such the emperors Domitian, Trajan, and Hadrian, carried out proceedings against the "Desposyn[o]i" [descendants of Christianity's "Holy Family"]. Their emblem, or coats-of-arms, varied from a depiction of the "madonna and child", to a depiction of the "paschal lamb" crucified on a cross, to a depiction of "The Holy Grail" painted on a round shield with the supporters of a lion, representing "Judah", and a "unicorn" representing the "Desposyni"; and its crest was the six-pointed "Star of David" inside the circle of the depiction of the sun shining at its splendor".

I sent David Hughes an email asking him to tell more about the "crest [that] was the six-pointed "Star of David" inside the circle. Here’s his answer:
The coat-of-arms which has two supporters, a lion and a unicorn, with the star of David inside the circle of the sun as its crest appears in the thirteenth century [or possibly as early as the eleventh century] to be the coat-of-arms of families which claimed descendant from the desposyni. There were three such families which resided in Britain according to the "Triads". The design is based on the Jewish symbol [or coat-of-arms, so to speak] of the Davidic Dynasty which derived from various Bible verses, such as judges 5:31b "as the sun when it goes forth in its might" or psalms 84:11a "is a sun and shield". There is another Bible verse where God promises David an eternal throne and links it to the sun as a symbol of His promise, which reads "His [David's] seed [dynasty] shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before Me." I cannot recall the exact Bible verse at this time. The coat-of-arms of the Davidic Dynasty is based on that verse. I think it was invented in the sixth century BC, but not sure. It had only one supporter, which was a fierce lion, frontal view, with a crown on his head holding a round shield with the Star of David on it. Thus, one sees only the lion's head and shoulders and paws [or hands] and his feet upon which the shield rests. He also holds in one hand a scepter, and in the other hand various objects that differed from one another according to the artist's design, sometimes a sword. The lion's feet stands upon a scroll-like design upon which is written the dynasty's motto: "God, and My Right" referring to the Davidic covenant. The shield is silver and the star on the shield is gold, that is, metal on metal in medieval heraldry was reserved only for the Davidic Dynasty, for all other coat-of-arms were either color on metal or metal on color. I think the Star of David is ancient in origin, cause we know that Bar Kokhba had a shield with the Star of David on it.