Friday, August 18, 2006

White on Black Star of David

Star of David engraved on a black tombstone 
Wilkiecoco wrote to me:
The photo is part of a series I took one Sunday morning at the Montreal Jewish Cemetery on de la Savanne Street. It is where my father and many other members of my family are buried. The photo is of one of the many headstones marked in the traditional Jewish way of leaving a small stone to commemorate your visit to the grave.

Copyright: Wilkiecoco from Flickr 

Star in daylight sky

Yellow Star of David, outside the Jewish Museum, Amsterdam
Tamara Eden wrote to me:
I simply took it because I liked the starkness of the yellow against the clear sky. It was quite rainy most of the time in Amsterdam so this photo just popped when
I saw it.

Copyright: Tamara Eden from Flickr.

Militant Shield of David

Copyright: Andrew Carton  2006 who published it on Flickr under the title War It Is which alludes to Hezbollah, who forced Israel to draw the sword.
Sometimes we tend to perceive this symbol out of context, but here it is hard to forget that it all started when David fought Goliath.
BTW Hezbollah is more famous than I thought - if you enter search word Hezbollah into Google you get 188,000,000 results...