Saturday, March 15, 2008

Capernaum Gold Coin

Capernaum Gold Coin Star of David

Star of David inscribed in a stone from Capernaum ruins appears on a gold coin Issued by the Bank of Israel in 1985.

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the Stars of David in Capernaum

Barbados Centenary of Cadet Corps

six-pointed star Barbados

In 2004 Barbados issued 5 postage stamps to mark the Centenary of its Cadet Corps. Each stamp bears (bottom right) a six-pointed star, which is part of the Cadet Corps’ Crest. Designer: Julian Vasarhelyi.

Golda Meir Banknote

Branches in the shape of the Star of David

Branches in the shape of the Star of David surround the Menorah on the Israeli 10,000 shekel banknote, which was issued in November 1984 and presented the portrait of Golda Meir on one side and the image of the crowd that turned out to cheer her in Moscow, on the other.

In addition we see below the same banknote issued in 1985 after the conversion of the 10,000 NIS to 10 NIS. This is what I call history.

Picture source: Wikipedia entry: Golda_Meir