Friday, May 12, 2006


Comic book superhero Sabra, Ruth Bat-Seraph, the heroine of Israel, has a Star of David on her headband. Sabra first appeared in Incredible Hulk #256 (1981) published by Marvel Comics. Her costume is based on the Israeli flag.

 Another comic book superhero published by Marvel Comics is The Thing.

On Ynet Uri Fink and Eli Eshed published The Golem comic book series. 

Gal Lusky

A year ago Gal Lusky founded Israeli Flying Aid, a non-profit disaster relief organization. Tens of volunteers were sent to help tsunami victims in Southeast Asia in 2005, Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans as well as other disaster area victims in Turkey, Georgia and Romania.

The organization's insignia is a Star of David with wings and it was designed to show pride in being Israeli:


"I am very proud of my country, and if I can come with its flag, I will," says Lusky" 

I will not be surprised if in one of the next five years Gal Lusky will light a torch at the Independence Day ceremony...


Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar-Ami, The inventor of the "Word Sculpture", created a Micrography work titled Magen David the Story of David and Goliath (Samuel Chapter 17).

 The work shows a large Magen David that is made off 18 corners. Number 18 is a hint to the word Chai (alive). In this Magen David frame there are 18 small perfect Magen Davids; each of them has 18 lines. The spaces in the work symbolize the spiritual power of the nation.  In the center of the work there are 32 characters which build the 10 Hebrew words of the verse: The LORD [is] my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD [is] the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? [Psalms 27:1]. 10 symbolize holiness!

Photo of Micrography Magen David  is courtesy of Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar-Ami