Saturday, September 01, 2007

Itzhak Beery, Jewish Logo

Star of David logo
Photo of a hinted Star of David designed for The Jewish Board of family and Children Services in 1980 is courtesy of Itzhak Beery, a native Israeli designer who lives in New York. Beery started a web site dedicated to showcasing the ingenuity of the creative minds on
He wrote on his web page:
design rational: Our assignment was to update a 60-year-old typography and image with a contemporary symbol to signify the agency activities. The Star of David is combined with geometric shapes suggesting a mother caring for two children. Years later the organization went back to a type only logo, to avoid being recognized as too Jewish.


Photo of cool Star of David costume is courtesy of "JaxPhotography" who published it on Flickr. It can be a good idea for next Purim.

Custom Made Rasta Man Bag

Solomon's seal on a Custom Made Rasta Man Bag is courtesy of "kreativemindz"who made this bag, shot this photo, and published it on Flickr. I like creative minds, and I like the Jamaican colors. Rastafarians use the Solomon's seal because they believe that their leader, the late King of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I was descendant from King Solomon and King David.