Friday, November 02, 2007

Dr. Martin Kieselstein

yellow-badge-artYesterday, 1.11.2007, I met Dr. Martin Kieselstein. Here we see him in his studio holding a piece of wood in which he inserted a yellow star.


holocaust-jewish-star-art Yellow BadgeDr. Martin Kieselstein holds in his hand a work of art he made to commemorate the Crystal Night [November 9–November 10, 1938].
Pay attention to the stone that is glued to the broken window.

Who Will Feed Me Tomorrow?

holocaust-jewish-star-art-2Dr. Martin Kieselstein holds in his hand his work of art titled:
Who will feed me tomorrow?
That's the question the cat asked before the Jew who used to feed him every day was taken to the concentration camp. Dr. Martin Kieselstein told me he needed to add a bottle of wine to this work in order to complete it.