Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fire Banners

Copyright: Anat Massad 2008

From: Dr. Batya Brutin, "In the Shadow of the Holocaust: "Second Generation" Israeli Artists" in the catalogue exhibition: In the Shadow of the Holocaust: "Second Generation" Israeli Artists, Budapest: Peter Wilhelm Art Projects, p. 23

A different approach to the number we see in Anat Massad's work A-22761 from the exhibition Please Come with White Shirts of 2003 which features her mother's camp number. The work is composed from digital photographs of fire banners, which she set on fire in an open field at a fire ceremony she held. The fire banners included a Star of David as the symbol of the Jewish people and the number A-22761, which simultaneously symbolizes Auschwitz and her mother's private fate both in the camp and her hardships in integrating into Israeli society. She also included short phrase to express the personal and general connection between the Holocaust and the establishment and rebuilding of the state of Israel and her parents contribution to the building of the State.

Zion Tattoo

See the Hebrew word Zion inside a Star of David on:

Art & Artist, Aqiva Kenet Segan

Copyright: Aqiva Kenet Segan 2008

Aqiva Kenet Segan Wrote to me:

Attached: The Mira Steiner drawing with mosaic-in-progress. The mosaic has 3 sections glued down: the Star of David and bird on top and at the very bottom there's a section with broken tiles, rocks and an old animal bone of some sort I picked up from the dirt alongside roads by Jerusalem's old walled city. Once the entire mosaic imagery is glued down and in place then the daunting (!) task of grouting and dental-tool-breaking scraping begins. Mira Steiner, a beautiful young Jewish woman, was drowned in Croatia by Fascists.