Sunday, June 10, 2007

Longexposure art

Photo is courtesty of World Through A Blind Man's Eyes who published it on Flickr and explained to me how he did it:

I focus locked my camera, set it up on the tripod, set the shutter to 15 seconds, and drew an imaginary star of David! 

Ein Davidstern

Photo of this hexagram which is located at the municipality of Villingen/Schwenningenis, Germany, is courtesy of Tobischka who published it on Flickr. 

It is not clear who made this hexagram and why but to find this symbol on a German soil is always interesting...

Recycle Symbol

Recycle Symbol logo hexagram Joshuasocean who sent me already the largest Star of David made this illustration after noticing that the Star of David is kind of embedded in the center of the Recycle Symbol. Cool!!!