Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ein Davidstern

Photo of this hexagram which is located at the municipality of Villingen/Schwenningenis, Germany, is courtesy of Tobischka who published it on Flickr. 

It is not clear who made this hexagram and why but to find this symbol on a German soil is always interesting...

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Tobiscka said...


I'm a christian believer from germany. And i found this stone in front of a christian church. We say sometimes in german "Gemeinde" for christian churches.
So i don't mean a part of town.

Only for common.

And no, i'm not a nazi. Cuz the Jews are the roots of the christian religion.
So be blessed by the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaak.

And think again, the Holocaust is over now since the year 1945. So the Jews doesn't have to worry about any Star of David on a german soil.

Thanks for adding my picture and have a great time.

Gr33tings from Germany